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June 6, 2010 at 10:36 pm (Uncategorized)

For centuries, people have wondered how the world was created. We may never know how we came to be, but there are many different theories on the subject. From scientists to mathematicians to religious deities all have theories on how the world was created. What theory you choose to believe is up to you.

1. The Mayans

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According to the Mayans, there were two people, Tepeu and Gucumatz. They would sit around and think about things and then those things would exist. They thought up the mountains, the earth, the oceans, the sky and the animals and once they did they appeared. They used clay to create people, which would fall apart when they got wet, so they made people at of wood. These people would cause trouble so the God created a flood and wiped them out. They were allowed to start over. This is how the Earth became what it is today.

2. The Scandinavians

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According the Scandinavians, there was an emptiness that needed to be filled. There were two Gods, Muspell and Niflhiem. Muspell was the leader of the fiery realm and Niflhiem was the leader of the icy realm. They would plat in this vast open space. Inside the space the air grew mild and once the ice started to melt, Ymir was created. He was an evil God. While Ymir slept, he sweated and brought to life two males and a female frost giant. More ice melted in the time passed and a cow was created. She had plenty of milk to feed Ymir. She would nourish herself by licking the ice blocks. After a few days of licking the ice, she revealed a man who had a son. The son married one of the frost giant’s daughters and they had three sons, who killed Ymir. The blood that flowed from Ymir drowned all the frost giants except for Berglimir and his wife. They took the flesh and bones of Ymir and then created the Earth. While walking along the Earth’s surface Odin, one of the sons of the frost giant, spotted two logs and gave them life, while one of the other brothers gave them brains and feelings and the other gave them hearing and sight. From this man and women all life is created.

3. The Chinese

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Chinese believe that in the beginning heaven and Earth were as one. The universe was a big black egg that carried a God, Pan-Gu, inside itself. Pan Gu awoke from a 18 thousand year nap and wanted out of the egg. He took his broad axe and smashed through. The light became the heavens and the heavier parts became the Earth. Pan-Gu stood in between with his head touching the heavens and his feet firmly planted on the Earth. All three would grow at a rate of ten feet per day. After 18 thousand years everything stopped growing. After his passing, he breathe became the wind and the clouds. His voice is the thunder and his eyes became the sun and moon. The mountains were formed from his body and limbs and the rivers and oceans are made of his blood. The fertile soil is from his muscles and the roads are his veins. The flowers and trees are from his skin and body hair, where the stars are from his beard and hair. Pearls and jade are made from his marrow and his sweat is the rain and dew.

4. The Australians

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In Australia they believe that the earth was plain and bare in the beginning. There was no light, life or death. The sun, moon, stars and eternal ancestors all slept beneath the Earth. When the ancestors arose, they would walk the earth in human form, animal form, plant form or a combination of the forms. There were two people that formed out of nothing and upon their walks across the Earth’s surface they would come upon some half finished plants, animals and humans. They would then carve heads, bodies and limbs from bundles of plants. This is how people were formed amongst the Earth’s surface. After the work of human creation was finished the ancestors went back to sleep. They either went back under the Earth or they stayed here in the form of plants and animals. They left sacred trails, which can be seen in the forms watering holes, rocks and trees.

5. The Apache Indians

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They believed that in the beginning there was nothing. Suddenly, there was a thin disk with a man inside. After awaking from his nap he looked up and light appeared, looking down he created a sea of light, to the east he created the streaks of dawn and to the west the colorful streaks of dusk. After creating all the light, he wiped his hands together and then thrust them in a downward motion. A girl on a cloud appeared. He asked her where she was going and she did not answer. She asked him where he was from and he said from the east. She asked where the earth was and he asked where the sky was. He sang four times, which is the lucky number to the Apache Indians that he was thinking of what to create next. He flung his hands wide open and then appeared the sun God. He then dropped his hands and then a small boy appeared. All four Gods where now present and they all shook hands, mixing their sweat together and then he sang about making the Earth again four times. After rubbing his hands together, a brown ball appeared. He kicked it and it expanded, the girl kicked it and it did the same, the sun God and the boy both took turns and the ball continued to expand. He then told the wind to go inside and blow it up. The Creator had created more Gods to look over things on Earth. He had created workers to help with the building of Earth. Once he seen work was done, then he disappeared leaving the works to create the world’s population.

Author: Harmony Stalter — Copyrighted © roadtickle.com


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