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June 1, 2010 at 2:43 am (Uncategorized)

A Team Movie‘The A-Team’ is the latest in a long line line of television shows that have been adapted from the small screen to the big screen.

Some have done quite well (‘Star Trek’) while others have, well, not done quite as well. (‘The Beverley Hillbillies,’ anyone?)

It would seem, as of late, that every good television show that could actually be considered “good” has already been adapted for a feature film.

Well, we picked out seven more, mostly recent, popular television shows that we think should be brought to the silver screen.


Well, this doesn’t seem as quite an obvious choice after the finale, but you know, there’s still a lot of story to tell.

Sure, Jack Shepherd is dead, and we know, eventually, all the characters die. But so what? So does everyone, someday. There’s still plenty of years to cover of Hurley and Ben running the island. Who knows what crazy adventures those two get into over the next fifty years or so? Maybe Ben even restarts his book club?

And, don’t forget: Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Richard and Frank all escaped the island. There’s plenty of tension to be had right there to fill a feature film. The custody battle between Kate and Claire over Aaron; Sawyer and Kate’s awkward romance while they kill time until they die so they can be with their true loves, Juliet and Jack.

Maybe Miles could even conduct a seance between those four.


Jerry Seinfeld has gone on record many times saying this will never happen, but, after the successful reunion on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ just maybe he would reconsider?

They could even pick up where ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ left off. Elaine would have a daughter, Isabelle, with Jerry Seinfeld. Though, Isabelle is unaware that Jerry is her father as he just donated sperm and was not a part of her upbringing.

George had become a multi-millionaire for creating the iToliet but lost his fortune to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Kramer still lives across the hall from Jerry and, for the most part hasn’t changed at all — though he did offer to donate his sperm to Elaine, who declined.


Well, this is supposedly already happening. And last we saw, Jack Bauer is on the run from, well, pretty much everybody.

From reports, it seems the plan would be to make a two-hour film that covers a full twenty-four hour day.

And, as we saw in the series finale, things are not going that well for Mr. Bauer, so a film that continues this story would be a logical conclusion.

If nothing else, the film could focus on Jack caring for a now brain damaged President Logan, “You will eat your peas!!!”

NYPD Blue‘NYPD Blue’

There’s a couple different directions this could go. If there were ever a big screen version of ‘NYPD Blue,’ the film would have to bring back Andy Sipowicz’s original partner, Detective John Kelly.

Now, David Caruso has become a bit of a caricature of himself playing Horatio Cain on ‘CSI: Miami,’ so people forget what an absolute bad-ass he was on ‘NYPD Blue.’

An ‘NYPD Blue’ film could feature Kelly in full New York City accent bad-ass mode, just like the first season (and first four episodes of the second season) of the show.

Or, it could borrow his sunglasses-wearing ‘CSI: Miami’ persona and spend the entire film watching Sipowicz on a booze-filled rage as he tries to get to the bottom of what had happened to his partner.

HIMYM‘How I Met Your Mother’

Bear with us in this one. But, seriously, this show needs to pull a ‘Lost’-style end-date soon and end it all with a feature film.

Any show — even a sitcom — that is based on a mystery must set a date to end or the show starts spinning its wheel (as ‘Lost’ did in its third season and as ‘HIMYM’ has done pretty much this entire season).

And Jason Segel has already proven he can open a film; add in Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan (no stranger to feature length films) and Josh Radnor as Ted finally meeting “The Mother” — well, that sounds like a movie.

Oh, also, actually film this thing in New York City.

Sopranos‘The Sopranos’

Okay, considering the blood bath that occurred over the last few episodes, this one might be tricky.

Yeah, they could always do a prequel, but one of the aspects that made ‘The Sopranos’ so great was the underlying dread that a character could be killed at anytime.

In a prequel, already knowing the main character’s fates, well, it would lose something.

But, even if a film takes place after the final episode, there’s still a few characters alive. Tony Soprano is still alive (we think?); A.J. never succeeded in offing himself; Paulie is still kicking it; Silvio is technically still alive.

Let’s just hope there would be no Journey songs this time around.

Mad Men‘Mad Men’

It’s too bad ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Mad Men’ aren’t set in the same era.

Time travel aside (and we are NOT ruling that out!), it’s unfortunate that we’ll never seen a sit down between Tony Soprano and Don Draper.

Draper may be one of the few men who could actually take on Tony without much fear of retribution. Most people don’t know how to disappear. Do you know who does know how to disappear? Dick Whitman.

Okay, sure, he lucked into the whole Don Draper name. But still, if faced with the possibility of a mob hit, it’s likely he’d take his old name back before letting that happen.

Also, a feature film based on ‘Mad Men’ without a ‘Sopranos’ tie-in would be good, too.


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