Go Out with Gowalla at SXSW! on Gowalla

March 12, 2010 at 11:48 pm (Uncategorized)

SXSW 2010

Check in with Gowalla during SXSW and find out where the party is.

The Main Event: Get your hula on

How to get in: This is important folks, read carefully… –>

VIP Admission

for Tiki Room VIP Pass holders

During SXSW we’ll be scattering hundreds of digital Tiki Room wristbands around downtown Austin. The only way to get yours is to check in with Gowalla at other Austin venues and SXSW events. The Tiki Room wristband on Gowalla will be the only guaranteed way to get into the Tiki Room. If you’re not part of the community already, you should join Gowalla.

General Admission

for SXSW Interactive, Gold and Platinum badge holders

Once we empty the VIP Admission line of Tiki Room VIP wristband holders, we’ll open the party up to all SXSW Interactive, Gold and Platinum badge holders. Admission is FREE with a suggested donation to Livestrong. So bring a few greenbacks and plan to arrive early.


Redeem this Chevy Camaro at the Chevy Volt Recharge Lounge for a special gift from Chevrolet. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Chevy Camaro

A $1 donation to LIVESTRONG will be made if you locate one of these and add it to your collection.


Find one of these tacos and redeem it at the OneTaco truck outside the Convention Center for a tasty taco of your choice!

OneTaco Free Taco

Celebrate the launch of Gowalla for webOS when you find one of these gems. There are only 10, redeemable for a real Palm Pixi Plus onsite!

Palm Pixi Plus

Find an VIP Wristband and get in the fastlane for The Tiki Room on Monday, March 15.

Tiki Room Wristband

Look for the Diana F+ wherever you check in during SXSW. A lucky few will win an actual Diana F+ of their very own!

Lomography Diana F+

Find this and win a copy of the Adobe CS4 software!

Adobe Web Premium

Locate a member of the Facebook Design team and redeem this for the free drink of your choice (within reason, people)

Orange Coaster

There’s only one place you can find the elusive Ice Ball. If you’re one of the lucky 200 to get one, well, that’s all we can tell you.

Ice Ball

Look for the Oktomat wherever you check in during SXSW. A lucky few will win an actual Oktomat of their very own!

Lomography Oktomat

Should you be fortunate enough to find one of these 10 slick phones, you’ll be able to redeem it nearby for a real Palm Pre Plus!

Palm Pre Plus

Adding this item to your collection will net you a $10 gift card to Gourmet Library.

Gourmet Cheese

Redeem this item during SXSW for a 4GB Eye-Fi card!

4GB Eye-Fi Card

Receive a free Diana F+ Camera from lomography!

Diana F+ Camera


Check in at the One Taco stand outside the convention center for a free taco!

Blue Coaster


Collect all 3 SXSW Interactive items to earn the Designer Pin!


Collect all 3 SXSW Film items to earn the Actor Pin!


Collect all 3 SXSW Music items to earn the Rock Star Pin!


Collect all 4 to earn the Bibliophile Pin!


Check in at 3 bars to earn the Bar Hop Pin!

Bar Hop

Check in at 3 Mexican restaurants to earn the Lucha Libre Pin!

Lucha Libre

Check in at 3 trucks or stands to earn the Street Vendor Bender Pin!

Street Vendor Bender

4 days, 4 keynotes, 1 pin.

Keynote Superstar

Check in at all the Gowalla events at SXSW!


Bonus points if you wear your Snuggie!

Early Bird

Check in at 3 SXSW panels!

Panel Challenge

Check in at 3 SXSW screenings!

Screening Challenge

Check in at 3 SXSW concerts!

Concert Challenge

Check in at 3 SXSW parties!

Party Challenge

Also: Check in with gowalla at these fine events.

Saturday, March 13, 2-6pm
at Mellow Johnny’s


Saturday, March 13, 7-12pm
at Stubbs


Saturday, March 13, 10pm
at The Scoot Inn


Monday, March 15, 6-9pm
at Buffalo Billiards


Sunday, March 14, 2pm
at The Phoenix




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