Help Patrick Moberg Find The NY Girl Of His Dreams

November 22, 2009 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)


Patrick Moberg saw the girl of his dreams on the NY subway last night, so he drew this wonderful illustration and setup a website, so people can help him find her.

UPDATE 1: It turns out that Patrick works for Vimeo. Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick made a video where he asks Patrick about the girl of his dreams.

UPDATE 2: Well it looks like Patrick found her. He added an update to the website.

UPDATE 3: The mystery girl is Camille Hayton, an intern at BlackBook.

Camille Hayton

UPDATE 4: Hilarious, somebody has created a parody of Patrick’s website: [thanks to Beatrice Murch for the tip!]

UPDATE 5: has a follow-up story on Patrick and Camille’s first date.

Patrick Moberg Camille Hayton

UPDATE 6: Following their first date, Patrick and Camille made an appearance together on Good Morning America.

illustration by Patrick Moberg
photos by Azikiwe Mohammed & Janet Durrans

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