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October 14, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Uncategorized)

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No inspiration for your Halloween costume yet? What about dressing up as an interactive Facebook profile page? Since the early days of Facebook -when it was still pretty geeky- people have been paying tribute to their favorite social network, as you can see in the dozens of Halloween pictures we collected below. Can you guess from the layout of their costumes in what year they were made?

To begin, here are our Facebook profile costume ideas and tips for Halloween or carnival:

  • First of all: you don’t have to be your own Facebook profile. You can be a celebrity’s, monster’s or serial killer’s Facebook profile.
  • Use a whiteboard as your base, or use pieces of a dry-wipe board for interactive areas like your status update, your wall and gifts.
  • Attach a belt at the backside of the board in order to wear it without using your hands.
  • People will want to pose on pictures with you, so make the cut-out area large enough for people to become part of your profile picture.
  • Take felt-tip pens with you so that you can update your status on the fly, or let people write comments on your wall.
  • Possible status updates: “is wearing the best costume at this Halloween party”, “is wearing his Facebook profile”, “is wishing everyone a happy Halloween”, “is posing with monsters and idiots”, “can’t wait to go home and check Facebook”, “doesn’t want to be tagged in any Halloween pictures”,…
  • Bring a Polaroid camera so you can instantly add friends attending the party to your friends list by glueing their photos onto your profile.
  • If you don’t have a Polaroid camera, why not have Count Dracula, Jason Voorhees and Hannibal Lecter in your friends list?
  • Get sponsored and put funny, targeted ads on your profile, like tooth whitening for vampires, human burgers for cannibals, Einstein brains for zombies…

Alternative costume ideas:

  • If you’re not that handy with paper, glue and scissors, you can just take a white t-shirt and use iron-on paper to add your customized profile.
  • Be a Superpoke: print out a poke button and a mouse pointer, and annoyingly poke around all night.
  • Put a blue book cover on your head and be Facebook 0.1 Beta.

If you decide to be a Facebook profile this Halloween, we’re dying to see your costume so don’t forget to upload a photo or two to our Facebook page. If you’re not, please share this post with all your friends and inspire them.

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