How Mahalo Works

October 13, 2009 at 3:29 am (Uncategorized)

Mahalo is a human powered search engine, all information you find on Mahalo is created and curated by the members of the Mahalo Community, users are rewarded in “Mahalo Dollars” for their contributions to the search engine. Check out how Mahalo Dollars work to learn how they can be traded in for real dollars.

There are three main money making components to Mahalo, each is relatively unique and users can participate at their own leisure in each area. Here are the three main Mahalo areas you will need to become familiar with.

1.Mahalo Answers: This is the main community hub, users come here to ask and answer questions about anything. Every question offers a monetary tip for the answerer who provides the best answer, and there are daily contests that users old and new are invited to participate in.

2. Page Management: Search results on are built and and managed by Mahalo community members. Mahalo compensates the manager with 50% of the advertising revenue. Here is a list of the top earners since the program began in June 2009. Managers are to be resident experts on the topics they manage. Mahalo mangers are to be honest, trustworthy sources for their topic and keep the pages updated and curated for future visitors.

3.Mahalo Tasks: These are small pieces of writing work that Mahalo editors need completed, Mahalo members can claim the task, then get paid for it’s completion. There are often contests centered around Tasks as well. Mahalo is currently in the process of building teams of writers to manage heavy quantities of task writing.


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