Liu Bolin And His Invisible Men – Urlesque – Internet Trends, Viral Videos, Memes and Web Culture

October 7, 2009 at 5:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Zach Braff must be kicking himself right now. If only he’d taken that blending into the background thing to the next level. Then maybe he too could be a respected Chinese artist like Liu Bolin.

A 35-year-old artist from Shandong, China, Liu Bolin’s ‘Camouflage‘ series is an exploration of animalistic survival instincts and what he bemoans as man’s surprising lack thereof. In the face of regimes and power structures that would rather silence and oppress than allow for free expression, Bolin wonders why man has lost the ability to adapt, like, say, a chameleon or a snowshoe hare. For Bolin, an artist whose studio was previously shut down by his own government, this is an issue he knows a thing or two about.

Despite how some of the photos appear, Bolin did not employ any trick photography or computer retouching in ‘Camouflage.’ He did however, spend up to ten hours per photograph, tirelessly painting his subjects and lining them up just right.


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