17 Best Celebrity Photobombs | Movies

October 7, 2009 at 1:48 pm (Uncategorized)

I love a good photobombing. And, it seems, celebrities love them too. See, “US Weekly” was right! They’re just like us! OK. While I go have my penis reattached, check out this list of the 17 greatest photobombings by celebrities (with good and awful boob jobs). They’re almost as obnoxious as these 10 Funniest Zach Galifianakis Videos.

17. Arnold Schwarzenegger bombs President Bush.
“Even I know that’s not what English is supposed to sound like. Get to the choppa.”

16. Artie Lange bombs Nick DiPaolo.
When Artie Lange dies in the next couple of years, this is what it’s going to look like when you’re haunted by his ghost.

15. Michael Cera bombs a guy with birds.
Michael Cera is the most prolific celebrity photobomber (as you’ll see over the course of this list). Here he is totally upstaging this guy with his birds.

14. David Hasselhoff bombs two unsuspecting hot girls.
And, most likely, he was bombed while doing it. Someone get that guy a cheeseburger.

13. Dave Grohl bombs Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
This is actually lucky for Jessica, because it completely takes the attention away from the hideous face she’s making.

12. Michael Cera bombs a cute couple photo.
Again, it’s just stupid to take a photo when Michael Cera is floating around in the area.

11. Chris Rock bombs Rihanna.
“Damn, I can’t believe Chris Brown’s hittin’ that.”

10. David Spade bombs Eve.
Maybe he was just caught whistling.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal bombs Ang Lee and Uma Thurman.
Risky call, guy. I’ve seen “Kill Bill” and she’s slashed people in half for less.

8. Joey Fatone bombs Lisa Rinna.
Yet, Lance Bass turned out to be the gay one.

7. Mike Tyson bombs an unsuspecting group of people.
This is the stuff that recurring night terrors are made of.

6. Muhammad Ali bombs Jim Carrey.
It’s so sad to see a guy who clearly suffers from such severe brain damage. (And, Muhammad Ali doesn’t look that great either.)

5. Emmanuel Lewis photobombs a waitress.
There’s such a fine line between photobombing and sexual harassment. But, he’s just so damn adorable!

4. Michael Cera photobombs yet another couple.
This guy’s a menace.

3. John Belushi photobombs Chevy Chase.
This is a HUGE bomb… like every Chevy Chase movie since “Christmas Vacation.”

2. Jack Black bombs Angelina Jolie.
I think Dustin Hoffman might also have gotten in on this photobombing.

1. The Abominable Snowman bombs Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Yeti bomb!

Everybody wants to look good in photos.  You can too!  Just don’t get one of these 9 Most Awful Celebrity Boob Jobs or one of the 10 Unbelievably Bad Celebrity Lip Jobs.

Photos found at Getty Images, This is Photobomb, Asylum.com, The Hollywood Gossip and The Chive.

Posted by A.C. Efron, who is totally bombed.


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