Special Feature on the “Movie Stills Collection”

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Special Feature on the “Movie Stills Collection”

The art of still photography started almost as far back as movies its self. The original idea for this photographic style was to help a studio promote a movie by releasing images to the press, or for poster designs, a practice that still exists today.

If you have ever seen a still photograph from the early days of movies, the quality and precision of each shot is perfect and, as a result, they could encapulsate the full essence of the movie within that single image. The techniques and practices are the same today as they were then, setting a standard that as yet, can not be beaten.

That brings us to todays news…A once in a blue moon website called “The Movie Stills Collection“. It is a website that is a mixture of good old fashioned quality and modern coolness, that brings the under valued art of Movie Still Photography into the spotlight for a new generation to drool over.

Movie Stills Collection

The collection was put together as a labor of love, by talented web designer, Christian Annyas. He has seen a lot, I mean a lot, of movies, and as a way to catalogue and remember each film he watched, he started taking screenshots from the opening titles. The website is his showcase of these opening titles, for us, it is a walk down memory lane and a chance to appreciate the hard work of its author.

On the site, the stills have been neatly organised into decades (1920-29, 1930-39… and so on) as well as into the genres “Noir” and “Westerns”. Below you will find a selection of the amazing stills you will find on the site “The Movie Stills Collection“. Enjoy.

Movie Stills Collection


Movie Stills Collection

Movie Stills Collection

Movie Stills Collection
SERPICO (1973)

Movie Stills Collection
JAWS (1975)

Movie Stills Collection

Movie Stills Collection

Movie Stills Collection

Movie Stills Collection

Movie Stills Collection
SIN CITY (2005)

Visit the “The Movie Stills Collection“.

Thanks to Christian Annyas for allowing us to use the above images, if anyone is looking for a web designer he is your man.


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